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Zikrul Md. Ahsan

Dhaka, Dhaka


I am working in IT field since 1993. I’ve worked with all the version of Microsoft operating system since DOS 5.1 to Windows Vista. I’ve started to developing products by using Visual Studio 6.0 (Visual C++ and Visual Basic) later switch myself to Visual Studio .Net 2000 in the year 2002 with 1.1 .Net framework. I’ve also using Microsoft Access & SQL server (from 7.0 to 2005). I’ve worked as Trainee since 1996 to July 2000. Professionally I’ve joined as a programmer at Computer Cottage Bangladesh Ltd. at August 2000. Through these years I’ve worked various Microsoft products. I’ve also worked with PHP, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, Google, Adobe family and Macromedia family.

I’ve national and international training on various applications, software development, SQA, SDLC, Project Management & Cisco.

I am also writing on various IT related issue in various daily news paper of Bangladesh since 1996.

I am the owner and also a moderator of the .Net related 2nd largest yahoo group .Net Community ( since April 6, 2004. Through these years, this group is contributing the world about .Net related issues, products, features of .Net, solving .Net related problems, publishing .Net related job and many other issues. This group has also arranged two seminars at United International University ( Day by day members are increasing in this group.