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Mark Libman
OzBoxLive - Australia's No. 1 Xbox Waypoint
I currently own and maintain an Australian Xbox community website called We provide the latest news, reviews, interviews, discussions and more for Xbox 360, XBLA, Kinect, Xbox Original and Xbox One. 

The site started in July 2007 and has featured a podcast called OzBoxLive Radio which is a fun and unique way of sharing all things Xbox to Australia. The interviews were all recorded via Xbox Live with guests across the country. I have been fortunate enough to attend The Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) for the past five years and have interviewed hundreds of developers, producers and directors on a range of gaming franchises.  

In 2009 I introduced the "XperienceXbox" event which is now called "XperienceXpo". This charity event is all about the fun and educational side of gaming and is a way to raise money for The Royal Children's Hospital via a massive raffle. 

I also had the opportunity to write for The Official Australian Xbox Magazine for a year and had my own feature page called "The Land of Oz". This was specifically focused on sharing everything that is happening in Australia and the Xbox Community. 

The MVP Award has been one of the most important parts of my life as it has allowed me to meet some amazing people at the MVP Summits which I now consider close friends.
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