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Gina Whipp

United States


I started *playing* with Access 2.0, quickly becoming addicted.  I moved from New York to Ohio and met Lorraine S. and saw we had a common interest – Access.  She became my mentor.  I knew I had arrived when I asked her a coding question and she looked at me and said, “The student has surpassed the teacher!”  I then ran out and purchased every book I could, visited every forum and website I could find.  By the time Access 97 came out it I knew this is all I wanted to do, develop databases.

In 2003, I quit my *day* job and went into consulting full time and have not looked back since.  I have developed databases for such industries as Coil Processing, Interior Design, Franchise Management, Return Center Processing, Property Appraisal and Contract Management using Microsoft Access and SQL Server.

Between developing database applications and my grandchildren, I still find time to answer questions in the Microsoft Answers Forum because I think we should give back as much as we take.  (And who could pass up the chance to create another Access addict?).  Helping in the Forums is what prompted me to add a tips page to my website…