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Diploma in System Administration Level 3 (NVQ-J), CompTIA A+, CISCO IT Essentials I & II

Andre Da Costa



Andre lives on the beautiful island of Jamaica (yeah, mon). He is a certified PC Technician and enjoys doing freelance graphics in his spare time. Andre can best be described as friendly, passionate about technology, a lover of nature and enjoys sharing his views on topics he is highly interested in.

His journey into blogging started in 2004 when Microsoft introduced their online blogging service, MSN Spaces. Like many, Andre was enthralled by the excitement surrounding the development of Windows ‘codename’ Longhorn, which eventually became Windows Vista. From then on his enthusiasm for Windows grew into a passion. Throughout those years he was able to expand his reach through the opportunity of writing reviews and articles for

The opportunity for him to start his own blog and share his opinions with readers about technology allows him to help and learn from so many in return. “It has been one of the great aspects of blogging. That’s one of the key things about technology and the essence of the MVP Program itself, the opportunity to share and learn.”

You can often find Andre publishing his latest articles at and helping out in the Microsoft Community forums for Windows client.

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