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David Berry

United States


David is a multi-year Microsoft MVP Awardee for his contributions to the CRM Developer community.

David is an unconventional programmer in many languages, and formally trained in none.  He learned BASIC on the Commodore 64 and Tandy 1000 at the age of 12, and has been actively engaged in programming ever since.  His language experience includes C, C++, C#, XAML, XML, CSS, PHP, SQL, RDL, VBA, Javascript, Python, and Logo.

Though David has no formal education beyond high school, he loves learning about a wide-array of topics, and prides himself on the value of practical knowledge.  However, he also has a wealth of impractical knowledge, and can adequately engage diverse and uncommon concepts such as "panspermia" or "Fraggles".

David's peers know him by his helpfulness and humor, both of which he spreads liberally and without hesitation.  Many also know him by his writing, which carries a powerful voice.