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Nicholas Dille



Nicholas Dille discovered his passion for it at the age of 8 when his parents bought the first computer initially intended for his dad. After enduring DOS and GEM, he developed an ever growing interest in the internals and the inner workings of computers and servers. All of this made him realize that the studies of Computer Science at the university of Bonn focusing on computer networks would be the next logical step.

For over 15 years, Nicholas is concerned with virtualization and containerization. He is an DevOps Engineer at Haufe-Lexware, a digital media group based in Freiburg, Germany. Before that, he has been working as an IT architect - for Makro Factory and sepago, both Microsoft and Citrix partners based in Germany. His primary expertise is virtualization on all layers and configuration management in such environments. Nicholas has excelled in many large enterprise projects either by providing strategic market insights and by designing large scale environments.

In his community blog, Nicholas writes articles about topics from his expertise since 2007. Apart from his speaker slots at community events, he has co-authored two book about Hyper-V and System Center in German. His passion for the community is recognized by Microsoft since 2010 when he was first awarded MVP for Remote Desktop Services / Enterprise Mobility and has been renewed ever since. He has also been recognized as Docker Captain since 2017 and as traefik Ambassador since 2020.

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