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Vishnu Tiwari

Technology Leader | Digital Transformation | Innovative Solution Design | Strategy and Architecture | Data Science and ML


Over the past 15 years, Vishnu Tiwari has worn multiple hats of Enterprise Architect, Solutions Architect, Technology advocate, and Community leader. He is currently responsible for managing the digital transformation initiative at one of the largest consulting firms. He is playing a critical role in ensuring the solution design, implementation, and delivery. He has also been awarded the MVP award from Microsoft for his excellent contribution to the Microsoft Integration community and has served on many technical review committees including the anchor committee of patterns and practices. Vishnu holds multiple certifications from MIT, AWS, and Microsoft. He is a Master of Sciences in Data Science and currently pursuing MBA from a prestigious University. He also chairs CrowdSource Research Open Flock, a community for freelance researchers from academia, corporate, and around the world. Please feel free to connect with him at