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Ruven Gotz

United States
Los Angeles based MVP specializing in Digital Transformation for large enterprises.


I employ my business experience and strong analytic skills to deliver successful digital workplace implementations. I get involved at the very beginning of the project, helping to define the scope so as to maximize value while minimizing risk. 

Many digital transformation projects plant the seeds of failure in the early stages where the definition of pain points, goals and success metrics are often weak. I work with groups of leaders and stakeholders to elicit the true goals of the project. I help my clients understand that strong technical teams are necessary but not sufficient to deliver a successful result. A successful project requires excellent planning, a good understanding of the client’s corporate culture, and thoughtful change management. 

I use tools and techniques that build successful SharePoint solutions via shared commitment to a goal through shared understanding of the underlying issues. I speak regularly on these topics at conferences across North America and around the world.

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