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Ike Ellis

United States
San Diego, CA
Data Engineering and AI Consultant and Architect


Ike Ellis has over 25 years of experience spread between executive leadership and data engineering/AI consulting. He has led teams of up to 40 engineers and data scientists.

He has helped organizations with their data strategies and implementation, including:

	* Building a data analytics center of excellence (COE).
	* Migrating monolithic transactional applications to the cloud
	* Migrating large transactional and analytical database to the cloud
	* Building large-scale data pipelines that are high performing, scalable, resilient, and affordable
	* Modeling transactional and analytical data objects for use by thousands of people with a focus on concurrency, security, and resiliency
	* Building multi-tenant transactional and analytical solutions for software companies with hundreds of enterprise customers
	* Hiring, reviewing, and retaining quality engineers for the various responsibilities towards completing large technical projects on-time and under budget
	* Building reporting and analytic reports and dashboards. Designing reports that tell a compelling story and/or drive action and behavior
	* Securing personal identifiable information (PII/PHI) using all necessary precautions and technology (encrypting at rest, encrypting in-flight, auditing, mocking, obfuscating, masking)
	* Implementing AI/ML for multiple use-cases (fraud detection, sentiment analysis, text/image extraction, clustering, outlier detection, root-cause analysis)

Ike has been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional since 2011. He speaks at national and world-wide conferences including PASS Summit, Azure Data Conference, Azure and AI Conference, Microsoft Power Platform Summit, SQL in the City, and SQLBits. He regularly speaks at local community events around the world.

Ike co-chairs several San Diego user groups including:
	* The San Diego Power BI User Group (with Tim Henning)
	* The San Diego Software Architecture Group (with Azure MVP Alumni Scott Reed)
	* The San Diego Data Engineering Group (with Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Dustin Vannoy)

In 2015, he co-wrote Developing Azure Solutions for Microsoft Press. He contributed all sections that related to the Microsoft Data Platform. The second edition will be released in 2018.

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