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Mark Tabladillo

( MarkTab )

United States
Atlanta, GA
Artificial Intelligence and Data Science: Machine Learning, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Advanced Analytics


Lead Data Scientist for Microsoft Services: Data Insights Domain Center of Excellence. 

Our global team of Lead Data Scientists works with with Fortune 500 companies, global leading institutions, and high-tech startups to work toward digital transformation using advanced analytics. The Center of Excellence means that we also contribute and improve advanced analytics IP (intellectual property) for Microsoft Services.

I began my career as a SAS consultant, partnering through my solo practice with leading technology companies, Microsoft partners, and SAS Consulting. I have more than 15 years of advanced analytics experience. I have traveled the world helping companies identify and solve their pressing analytics problems. I am passionate about educating senior executives and leaders about the best ways to integrate advanced analytics into strategic business initiatives. There are no shortcuts and no one-size-fits-all product or process. I enjoy tackling clients’ most complex analytics challenges.

The Lunch Offer: you pay for lunch, and I will meet you or your team to talk about any topic I can share (including careers, networking, business development).

* For Recruiters: contact me if you are interested in learning more about the Atlanta analytics market, or are looking for user group sponsorship opportunities (make sure you look at Microsoft MVPs listed by geography at
* For Job Candidates: contact me if you are a seasoned professional or recent graduate, and would like to talk about analytics or big data careers.
* For Organizations: contact me if you would like resources in either starting or expanding your analytics or big data practice, especially for enterprise use.

Contact: through Linked In or Twitter @marktabnet