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James Chambers
I got my start on the VIC20 and later the C-64. I moved from BASIC to Pascal, Turbo Pascal and eventually Delphi, spent some time coding in VB6 before moving to .NET and finally transitioned to c#, but always enjoy learning new technologies, frameworks and libraries.

I work at an ISV specializing in provisioning (telecom/internet), billing and UDR rating. I enjoy travelling to speak at conferences, workshops and .NUG events as well as writing articles on the MVC Framework, Mobile Services and Azure Web Sites and Windows Phone.  I maintain an active blog, a YouTube channel and like to yak up technology on the Twitter. 

You will also see me trying to help out on technical forums, contributing to a few open source projects and behind closed doors where I enjoy mentoring others and leading brown-bag lunch sessions exploring various aspects of computer science.

Beyond my technology interests (which span from web to cloud to mobile) I am also active in the community raising funds to alleviate poverty, provide clean drinking water and to help find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes.
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