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Michael James Burgwin

Nanaimo, BC


I work as a Software Developer with Mainframe Associates, helping to create Business Software for Managing and Running a Marina as well as other business concerns. My work involves C#, PostGres, and Some Java, and I've found it quite stimulating both because I'm able to learn new things as well as leverage classes and code I wrote on my own years ago. 

I also like to explore and experiment with other languages, such as VB.NET, Python, Scala, and a bit of C++. I have some older applications written in VB6 that I occasionally revisit and update as well.

Most of my hobbies interests revolve around computers and technology, such as games. Though I often find myself simply researching and learning about topics that have been touched on through my work, so I can see if there are ways to improve what I had done previously.

Language features and library features are moving incredibly quickly, and with .NET languages and the library, it often seems that as soon as we learn how to use a new feature, we're delivered a new set of amazing features and get to start all over learning how to apply them.