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Data Platform
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English, Korean

Sung Wook Kang

( 강성욱 )

United States
Los Angeles, CA


I am a professional engineer and architect strategist in the Database field. I have been awarded the Microsoft MVP (SQL Server, Data Platform) Award from 2012 onwards to present.

I have been in the game industry for a long time, operation service of PC games and Mobile games. I also provide technical support and operation so that the service can be operated stably. My career extends to the e-commerce industry in the apparel market. In particular, I have experience in the B2B field.

I have extensive database experience in various environments including On-premises, Hyper-V, vCloud, and AWS Cloud. In particular, I have operational experience of tens of thousands of batch requests per second in the game industry, which has a large amount of real-time processing.

I have a co-founding experience. The main services are DB consulting and DB monitoring solution development. I was the CEO of the co-venture. As a CEO and chief consultant, I provided premium technical support in the field. My start-up was a very valuable experience. I learned a lot of business experience and insight. Insight led to a viable strategy. In terms of versatility and growth, I've worn many hats in my career like business development.

I have in-depth technical knowledge (in software, IT, platform) coupled with strong business acumen and insights for a customer value proposition. Most gratifying, I enjoy developing and working with outstanding people. Keep interests in new technologies, business models, large-scale data distribution processing. I like to share with my knowledge and had experience publishing SQL Server technical books. I operation the study group in Los Angeles now. And I have a technical blog (written in Korean).