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Nicolas Souquet

( Nicolas Souquet )



Nicolas has more than 10 years industry experience with SQL Server, starting from SQL Server 2000, and is an MVP since 2009.
After having spent 8 years in South-East Asia in various opportunities, where he started to publish and animate sessions, he repatriated to France and is now based near Paris, France.

He has continuously been involved in OLTP intensive applications in various environments, ranging from a couple of databases to a bunch of instances hosting VLDBs.
He has focused on performance tuning, the internals of SQL Server, and database modeling.

He frequently participates to a well-know IT site, sharing his knowledge through a forum ( and a blog (
He has also co-authored a book on SQL Server 2014, with two other MVPs : Frédéric Brouard and David Barbarin.