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ASP.NET/IIS, Microsoft Azure, .NET
Florian Rappl
Florian started quite early with Computers by playing around on an Amiga 500. At the age of 10 Florian dived into AmigaBASIC. Soon after he switched to IBM compatible PCs and begun writing some scripts using Perl.

After programming C/C++ for some years he discovered his favorite programming language C# while working at Siemens as a developer. Florian then stopped working full-time to study Physics at the University. During his studies he worked in part-time as an IT consultant for various companies ranging from small-sized businesses to big companies.
Florian is also giving lectures in C#, HTML5 with CSS3 and JavaScript, and Software Design Patterns. Having graduated from University with a Master's degree in theoretical physics he is currently busy doing his PhD in the field of High Performance Computing.

In his spare time Florian likes to do some extreme mountain biking as well as skiing depending on the season. He is regularly writing articles on the CodeProject and Tech.Pro. Additionally he is giving talks on programming and software engineering topics.
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