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Dave Voyles

Xbox MVP | Software Engineer at Comcast


I'm the coordinator for Xbox LIVE's Indie Games Uprisings. You may have also seen my writing at Armless Octopus, where I work as Managing Editor and we cover XBLIGs and the indie gaming scene. Additionally, I've released one XBLIG of my own using XNA (Piz-ong), as well as projects using Unity and the Unreal Engine.

I'm also proficient with HTML5 and JavaScript, and have released Super Rawr-Type, a side scrolling space shooter for the browser as well as Windows 8.

My full time role has me working as a Software Engineer on the Xbox team at Comcast in Philadelphia.

My first book is out now: "The Advanced UnrealScript Programming Cookbook" by Pakt Publishing, Moreover, I recently finished writing Spell and Speak, a children's app using the grammar and dictation API for Windows Phone 8.