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Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Gamification

Journalism Leadership Transformation Fellowship

Twitch.TV Scholarship Recipient

Kelli Dunlap (Goosechecka)
United States
Kelli N. Dunlap, PsyD
Kelli N. Dunlap holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and has a clinical and research focus on the relationship between technology and mental health. 

Dr. Dunlap takes her knowledge and passion of mental health and technology outside of the therapy room. She frequently speaks on the topic of psychology, technology, and well-being at the local and national level. She provides workshops and talks to both mental health professionals as well as teens, parents, and video game industry professionals. Topics have included social media and mental health ethics, tips for parents of teens in the technology age, and the impact of social and psychological factors on the video game community. 

Dr. Dunlap was recently awarded a $100,000 fellowship at American University for their innovative Journalism Leadership Transformation (JoLT) program where she will earn a Masters degree in Game Design and Persuasive Play.

In addition to scholarly pursuits, Dr. Dunlap is the co-owner of the site GrifballHub, a fansite based off of the Halo video game series. Her duties include managing the sites social media and public relations, facilitating and editing the weekly podcast, managing the Grifball leagues, and commentating eSport Grifball events. She has also given several presentations on community management at events such as PAX, Halo Fest, and RTX. Most recently, Kelli helped GrifballHub raise nearly $10,000 to exhibit at RTX and feature a Grifball eSports tournament.
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