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Elli Shlomo

Cloud and Datacenter Management


Since early 2000, Elli has gathered experience in IT infrastructure, Cloud, and Security.

Elli performed various roles, including Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft, CTO at Eureka Solutions, Cybersecurity leader at U-BTech, and many other positions in other companies.

Around 2010, Elli has started to gather experience in Cloud with Office 365, Azure and focused on cloud infrastructure, including hybrid environment and cloud security.

From 2014, Elli focused on Cloud security, especially on Microsoft Security and Azure Security, including digital forensics and incident response processes.
A vital part of Elli is the Microsoft environment's IR process, especially in the multi-cloud environment.

Elli is also familiar with AWS security, including experience with multi-hybrid-cloud Security. The prominent expertise is on Azure Sentinel, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Azure ATP, and MDATP.

Over the years, Elli has performed and still performs Cloud security projects based on CSPM, CWPP, and CNSP in a multi-cloud environment.

Elli is familiar with the infrastructure as code based on Azure and the CI\CD process and how to support developers on each level.

Elli is also delivering Microsoft workshops and security training for Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Elli is familiar with the competitors, emphasizes different security layers, and has experience in sales engineering to C-level executives.

Elli is Microsoft MVP for Cloud and Datacenter since 2013 and specializing in information security and DevSecOps.
The most prominent things in working in cybersecurity and the cloud are ambition, motivation, and passion.

Elli is sharing knowledge on different media, writing posts on his various blogs, and leading the Microsoft Communities in Israel.

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