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Kevin Dockx

( Kevin Dockx )

Wandering along the lines of another next big thing, remember: there’s always room for more ice cream.


Kevin Dockx is a freelance solution architect, Pluralsight author & consultant, living in Antwerp (Belgium). 

These days he's mainly focused on RESTful architectures & security for web applications and mobile applications. That said, he still keeps an eye out for new developments concerning other products from the Microsoft .NET stack. 

He's a board member of the RD MS Community, a regular speaker at various national and international conferences & user group events, and works on various open source projects, like Microsoft.AspNet.JsonPatch, Marvin.JsonPatch.Dynamic and Marvin.Cache.HttpCacheHeaders.

Kevin likes to travel to places he hasn't seen before, and enjoys a good glass of wine in the company of a few good friends.

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