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Markus Waldinger



I’ve always been an entrepreneur. As it happened, I started my first business while I was still a teenager, compiling PC hardware and consulting on office software for another small business. I even became a Microsoft partner as a result (I still remember receiving a huge box with a lot of CDs one day when I received the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) benefits).

In parallel to my economics studies, I worked in IT support, became a trainer, consultant, freelancer, and founded several project-based businesses, before my career took a turn and I became an employee of an IT and management consulting firm. Worked for years in Consulting and Delivery Management before I stepped up, moved to the U.S., built a team from scratch, and managed the new region there.

Always a Microsoft geek, I worked as an external certified professional, was nominated for the Most Valuable Professional (MVP), and eventually joined Microsoft as a Sales Specialist in Western Europe, when I moved back to Germany.

I currently live in Munich, where I met my wife, started a family, and now am enjoying every day, watching my son growing up. There’s only so much you can do in a day but occasionally I still relax making music – if I can’t play an instrument, I most likely collect it. I enjoy going outdoors, hiking, running, and, of course, traveling.

It’s the memories of kayaking in the Antarctic Sea, standing on top of Mount Kilimanjaro, watching the sunset in the Serengeti that helps me to energize and focus on what’s important. It’s also a constant reminder of how beautiful our Earth is and how important it is to preserve it for us, but mostly for our children.