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Jamie Dixon has been writing code for as long as he can remember and has been getting paid to do it since 1995. He was using C# and javascript almost exclusively until discovering F# and, more recently, Python. He has worked in a variety of industries and in a variety of roles: his most recent is as a technical lead for a natural language processing group.  He has a passion for discovering overlooked gems in data sets and merging software engineering techniques to scientific computing. Jamie has a BSCS in Computer Science and a Masters in Public Health. He is the former Chair of his town's Information Services Advisory Board and is an outspoken advocate for Open Data.  He has a provisional patent for a functional rules engine and the author of Mastering .NET Machine Learning. 

Jamie lives in Denver, CO with his wonderful wife Jill and will be really excited when his three children in college (Sonoma, Sawyer, and Sloan) get their stuff out of the basement.  He blogs at and can be found on Twitter @jamie_dixon.  He is not on LinkedIn because he is tired of recruiter spam and is not on Facebook because that company is evil and should be burned to the ground.

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