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Shannon Deminick
Umbraco core developer | Surfer | Traveler | Canadian | Australian
I am a full time developer for Umbraco. I've been on the Umbraco core development team for about 6 years and am fortunate enough to be working on this great open source product full time. For the 5 years previous to starting at Umbraco HQ, I worked as the Technical Director for TheFARM Digital in Sydney, Australia. Some open source projects I've created and manage are: 

Smidge - web resource management for ASP.Net Core
UmbracoIdentity - ASP.Net Identity provider for Umbraco members
Articulate - Blogging platform
Examine - Lucene search engine
ClientDependency - web resource management
uComponents - plugins for Umbraco

I have a passion for development, it's one of my favorite things to do... yes even in my spare time. I've been developing since I was a teenager when the interwebs were becoming cool (MIRC was the thing to do), and have been specializing in web development pretty much since I left college in 200. Apart from developing I love to surf, travel, relax and generally just like to hang out with good friends.
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