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Mark Pahulje

Mark is an avid tech advocate and community builder, sharing tools (, technologies tips and tricks at his blog ( and software entrepreneur.


Mark's life work has been centered around excellence and innovation;

★ HORUS Worldwide Entrepreneur Award Finalist - for tool
★ ICCO-Friuli Innova Award Finalist -  for tool
★ TDWI Best Practices Award - Data Governance
★ Wilshire Award for Best Practices in Metadata Management
★ Microstrategy BI Platform anchors award-winning MIND
★ DCI Data Warehouse World Award
★ User Interface Engineering:  Top Dog GUI Design Award

As an entrepreneur, he commercially released Path Too Long Auto Fixer ( an innovative tool that discovers paths that are tool long and automatically fixes those paths (using a proprietary algorithm), an industry 1st. Paths tool long are directories and files that > 260 chars. in length, the max length supported in Windows. Customers can fix this costly time annoyance and back-up files to the cloud and hard-drives in totality with 100% confidence.

Solo SRUM Sprinter is a time management tool that micro-books your Outlook calendar every 15-30 mins, challenging you write a brief description only, the software does the rest. No excuses to fill you time reports accurately. Amazingly it uses no passwords! (minimizing security leaks) - Free demo at

Clipboard PlainText PowerTool ( - is the most advanced clipboard tool to date. Super charge your clip board with 90+ functions available in editors to transform text and more. Easy to access clipboard history, assign hotkeys while observing strict privacy policy. 

In a nutshell, he make's usefulness.

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