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Mark Pahulje

Hello folks! I got my degree in CS and have been working with data and code all my life. Recent focus on ETL using SSIS/SRSS/SSAS and Azure.


Microsoft technologies has been the cornerstone of my work (dev/admin) of ASP.NET, C#/MVC/XAML/WPF apps, SRSS, Sharepoint and more recently SQL Server with SASS reports and ETL using SISS, a major focus.

Also work with open source including C, C++, Java, PHP (WordPress, Moodle)/AJAX/JQuery/MVC, RoR, Python, Perl. 

As an entrepreneur, I built RegtoText.exe and ClipBoard PlainText PowerTool (beta) which allows you to do text functions like sorting, deduping, split and joing lines, getting all URLs from a page, creating JSON arrays and translating smileys to text to name a few of the functions. 

In a nutshell,  I really like to build stuff that is unique and cool, and if I can with big data and neural algos, all the better.

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