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Alexandre Marreiros

( Alexandre Marreiros )

Software engineer, Ia, Cloud Web ,Mobile business dev are some of Keywords. Evolution as a person and professional is my main Goal. &


Who am i? One Person always trying to be better in all areas of his life. No, i am not an "anthropologist", but like one i try to use my know how to do, to help in innovation, evolution technology. Yes i am just that, a technology student and professional.
Along the way off my degree in e Software and computer engineer in ISEL i was a software developer freelancer.
After the degree i spend some time studying Artificial intelligence writing papers about the theme and improving my work ( a multi-agent plataform developed in .NET).
At the same time i start working in digital agencies as a webdevelopment, thinking how web world can bring more to my skills, and what my core developer skills can help improve.
Some years later i embrace the software architect job in projects to big companies based in hard to get frameworks as Sharepoint, SiteCore and hard business logic .net solutions. I am a former Softwre Architect of OpenSof and former CTO of Innovagency , where i had been responsible in almost a decade for the company engineering practices and technical vision. At present i am leveraging my own brand and helping stratups and companies to use technology to ignite their work, knowledge and business needs.
Other Works 
As self employe i do a lot of software architect and big systems development especialy to USA and UK, i had help in some startup and independent projects in Portugal.
Technical training had been something i had spend some time in the last years, and had been gratefull until now seen my students become better than me and better then themself. I am spending sometime in a ticketing for cloud project that i hope to be ready at next summer. I have also some client consumer apps in the market.
I have rediscover the pleasure to give technology workshops to interested professionals and i become an active Technical trainer since 2010, at present i am mentor and one of the teachers of a responsive web design Course.
I had the opportunity to speak in some events about technologies and computer science and i had been a choice for some of the most relevant Microsoft Portugal events in the past 4 years, to know more about the events where i had spoke and to follow my agenda go to my linked in or personal blog.

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