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David Petree

United States
Pensacola, FL
Sr. SharePoint Escalation Lead


I'm currently the Sr. SharePoint Escalation Lead for AppRiver. AppRiver is the #1 Syndicated Partner in North America for Office 365. We have roughly 60 support reps and I am on the Escalation Team with 4 other people. 

I joined AppRiver in August 2007 when we had only 40 people in the entire company and now we are over 200. When I first started, I created the Sales Engineer department and was manger of that for my first 3 years. In 2010, I moved to Engineering, and after a brief time in engineering, I moved to a solution engineer spot and worked directly for the CTO. Then when we started selling Office 365, I moved back down to support to train and lead out support department with Office 365 Escalation issues. 

I mainly focus on SharePoint as we have 2 other guys that focus on the exchange side of things. Since AppRiver has always had our own Hosted Exchange, most people here know that product and how to support it, but SharePoint is a different story.

SharePoint is where my passion is. I have been doing SharePoint administration for about 9 years and I learn something new each day. There are not a lot of products out there that you can say that about. That might be the reason I love SharePoint so much because its a challenge.

Previously I was Director of an Managed Services for an IT company that did a lot of work with the Government.