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Karen S Payne

( Karen Payne )

United States
Keizer, OR
My passion is teaching/mentoring developers and building both web and desktop solutions. I believe in sharing my knowledge with the community at large.


Started off in assembler, moved to Nantucket Clipper then Borland Delphi followed by .NET. Currently a defensive tactical instructor teaching throughout the USA. Developing software and teaching is my full-time profession while teaching self-defense is to free my other side as I am very good at this. Enjoy jamming with musicians, I play guitar and dabble with keyboards.

Currently working full time as a web developer using Microsoft .NET, HTML5 and CSS. 

I am a moderator on MSDN for C# and VB.NET, site moderator for VB Forums and answer questions on MSDN forums and Stack Overflow where I am Karen Payne on Stack Overflow. 

Write articles and code samples for Microsoft TechNet Wiki with GitHub repositories.

My passion is driving my Mazda Miata 2016 and Mazda Miata 2019 highly modified for driving fast through tight turns throughout the North West with a sports car club.

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