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Willy Alexánder Marroquín

( WillyDev )

Melgar, Tolima
As a child he dreamed of making the machines he saw in T.V could be commanded by something he had built. Today I live my dream ... I love my profession, I'm a NINJA Developer. Designed and compiled in Bogotá


Third rock from the Sun from the known universe at the time of writing this post

The purpose of this is to determine, see and treat a fuzzy states inherent in the fourth revolution that denotes the fifth Industrial Revolution, at the rate of the multiple agendas type 2030 for this rock that exist today. 

I am currently doing experimental research for feasible social adjustments of the fourth industrial Revolution. Since the year 2105 I work with applied research groups of synthetic telepathy with a Muscovite firm and looking for applied in the business world and defense systems.

Since 2011 is he dedicated strongly to the design tools to make behavioral engineering, looking for implementations of silent intelligence based on standard learning and cognitive instruments based on the same machines. I love researching human behavior, learn and give lectures on what they learned in my free time. 

Consultant and Self-employed with 25,500 hours of consulting Fully Verifiable in vertical such as banking ,health and Government.  Focuses on assessing and implementing architectural integration solutions and business, Strategy Business Staff, focused with reading on Technology adoption trends associated with corporate goals and Agile Coaching for Big groups . It is Certified SOA Architect, ITIL , and TOGAF Process Designer, all with verifiable field experience .

In their scenarios in the last five years, I've applied everything I learned in the engineering of the behavior (which can be defined summarily as the practical application of scientific knowledge for the development, improvement and management techniques of establishment, maintenance or disposal of human behavior) for best feasible results .Specialties: Communication Top Executives and Technology Teams, Behavior engineering  with TOTAL Orienting Results in mission-critical scenarios, stabilization, and high transactional Integration enviroments and some OEM's .