Diana Torres Viasus

United States
CLOUD FOR INDUSTRY Microsoft 365 + Microsoft Azure + Dynamics 365 +Power Platform Connect with me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dcarotv/


Microsoft Alliance Manager at Withum.

Driven by her passion for technology, education, and the potential of the cloud to create a huge impact for billions of users around the world. Diana is a well-known leader in the technology industry for her teaching contributions and volunteer service in different communities, Spanish and English-speaking 

Diana is client-focused, data-driven, and operates with a growth mindset, with the goal of empowering her clients with the necessary tools and cutting-edge technology.

The experience in her career, working across industries and with more than 200 companies in the public and private sectors, successfully taking them to the cloud and helping the digital transformation of millions of users who now work more efficiently; keeps her always motivated to be an agent of change and have a positive impact on the new global challenges of the industry worldwide.

Community Manager & CoFounder at: 
✅Boston Healthcare Cloud Technology Community (www.boshug.com)
✅Boston Power Platform User Group (https://aka.ms/bostonppug)
✅Womens Voice IT (https://w-voit.com/)

Born and raised in Colombia. Living the American dream. Promoted as Mom 2020.

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