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Helmut Krämer

My mainfocus is mobile development, MR and gesture navigation (Kinect and Hololens ).


I am in the IT business since 1992, starting at the banking sector in 2004 moving to paper sector.
I have a lot of process knowledge in the banking and manufactory industry especially pulp and paper. 
I see myself as a flexibleperson. 

Specialized on Microsoft SharePoint in the year 2008 and I am a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist since 2010.
Since 2010 im interested in mobile app development and since 2013 I'm working the whole time on mobile app projects.

Since 2013 I'm community leader of the Windows Phone community in vienna (Windows 8 and Xamarin communit is in creation).
2013 I foundet mobilewhatelse for developing/puplishing (go to market) the mobile app project which is called "day care manager".
Since 2014 I'm interested in Kinect for Windows development (joined developer program 05.2014) and on "Internet of Things" (joined Microsoft Developer Program for IoT 08.2014). 

Since 2016 I got 2 Hololens Dev-Kits and as a "Hololens Developer" I create usecases for Industry 4.0 for our "Mill Workplace".