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Peter Laker

United Kingdom
Solution provider - in many ways! Cloud evangelist, data analyst, Azure specialist, application developer & IoT fan boy/advisor. Also, very active in Microsoft community promotion and growth activities.


* Early days: Operator of my pocket calculator
* Always:  Thing whisperer
* These days: Cloud hopper

Early years writing machine code and real-time languages such as RTL2, for various defence radar detection, analysis and tracking systems for military vehicles and civil aviation. 

Moved into web development very early. I was one of the first people in the UK to develop in classic ASP, while I was working at Microsoft. 

Progressed onwards through application development, database development, senior test executive (IBM), solution design, software architect, project manager, head of IT development (Guinness World Records). Since then I ran my own IT consultancy, focusing for most of that time on Windows application development. In recent years, I have moved into Azure technologies. 

I am currently focusing especially on IoT components like Event Hub, IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Service Fabric, Logic Apps, Azure Functions, Automation, DocumentDb, Azure SQL/Warehouse/Analytics/Search and File/Blob/Table/Queue storage. 

Team trained, ARM templates, VSTS build/deploy and other DevOps, including continuous integration.

Always involved in data monitoring, alerting and analysis, using various streaming tools and Azure AI/ML technologies, as well as Power BI and syndicating out through Service Bus, PowerApps, etc.

Always happy to provide a free "scoping call", to discuss how Microsoft technologies can solve your IT and IoT needs!

I am also busy as always in the MSDN and TechNet communities. I post on several MS blogs and moderate a number of forums. I also created and actively maintain various community initiatives, such as a monthly TechNet Guru Competition, weekly TechNet Wiki Contributors Awards, a TechNet Guru Ninja Belt Calculator. Plus many shared tools we use within the TechNet Wiki Council, to collaborate on these various projects.

Helping others, spreading the good word, making friends! <3

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