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Peter Laker

United Kingdom
Network, cloud, mobile and IoT specialist. MSDN, TechNet & Docs community leader. Tech evangelist and passionate lover for widgets of all shapes and sizes.


Early years spent writing machine code and real-time languages such as RTL2, for various defence radar detection, analysis and tracking systems used in missiles and military vehicles. Then moved into civil aviation - air traffic control. Started web development very early. One of the first people in the UK to develop in classic ASP, while I was working at Microsoft. Progressed through application & database development, senior test executive (IBM), solution designer, software architect, project manager, head of IT development (Guinness World Records). A Microsoft fan-boy & dedicated tech obsessive, focusing on web, desktop & mobile dev. Recent years spent deep diving every nut and bolt of Azure. 

I am very lucky. 
My hobby is also my job.

I am also busy as always in MSDN, TechNet & Docs communities. I post on several MS blogs and moderator across all forums listed above. I also created and actively maintain various community initiatives, such as a monthly TechNet Guru Competition, weekly TechNet Wiki Contributors Awards, a TechNet Guru Ninja Belt Calculator. I love spinning up projects and shared tools that help many groups, such as the TechNet Wiki Council & passionately involved with

I also run Autoadmin bots, which moderate thousands of Microsoft forums, in any language. Deleting junk posts, protecting Microsoft customers from spam and phishing scams. I lead a small crew of other MVPs around the world, who manage the service day and night.


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