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Peter Laker

United Kingdom
Network, cloud, mobile and IoT specialist. 1337 coder, tech surveyor, optimal architect, and proudly decorated leader & veteran of MSDN, TechNet & MS Docs communities. World wide web widget whisperer wizard.


Early years spent writing machine code and real-time languages such as RTL2, for various military radar detection, analysis, tracking & guidance systems. Moved into civil aviation, air traffic control, and super computers. Pioneer web developer. One of the first in the UK to develop in classic ASP, while working at Microsoft. Usual path through application & database development, senior test executive (IBM), solution designer, software architect, project manager, head of IT development (Guinness World Records), enterprise architect, etc. Just a life-long Microsoft fan-boy and passionate tech obsessive. Three decades of web, desktop & mobile development. Recent years spent deep diving every nut and bolt of Azure. 

I am very lucky. My hobby is also my day job!

I'm busy as always in MSDN, TechNet & Docs communities. I've contributed to several MS blogs and I've moderated ALL Microsoft forums, as explained below. I also created various community initiatives, such as a monthly TechNet Guru Competition, weekly TechNet Wiki Contributors Awards, a TechNet Guru Ninja Belt Calculator. I love spinning up projects and shared tools that help my communities, such as the TechNet Wiki Council &

I also created an "Autoadmin" cloud bot, which live-moderated thousands of Microsoft forums, in every language - protecting forum users from junk/spam/scam/phishing posts.

I spin up new pet projects every week - trying out and blogging about every new cloud tech, or web API that I discover. As an MVP, we get deep insights and make friends with actual product team individuals. So, I'm proud to have actually helped steer and shape all my favourite technologies over so many years.

Anyway.. enough about me!  lol


If you got here from a 1337 link... lucky you (rarely given)

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