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Dan Violet Sagmiller

( Dan Violet Sagmiller )

United States
Bellevue, WA
Senior Certified Unity MVP @ GSN Games


I enjoy learning and teaching.  I'm a senior developer, with a passion for Unity in particular and teaching this to others.  I have 2 Unity classes on which include Infinite Real-Time Procedural Terrain and also 3D RTS with AI/Battles.  I also co-authored a book on Unity AI Programming Essentials, and Authored another on Indie Game Development with XNA.    I've worked in multiple countries, taught at multiple colleges, presented at multiple conferences.  I have an article in Tech Ed K-12 Magazine, and I'm always working on learning something new and then formatting it into lessons to teach others.  Tech is fun.  Building games is as fun as playing them.  Sometimes more.

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