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Jess Dodson

Purple-haired sysadmin with a passion for sharing knowledge


With over 15 years experience in the support, management & administration of Windows Server platforms within education and government, a passion for making organisational improvements and a stubbornness to see projects through to the end, Jess wears the title of System Administrator proudly!

Jess's passions lie in cleaning up Active Directory environments, improving security of systems where-ever possible, streamlining technical processes to make them easier for everyone and ensuring systems are being properly looked after!

Jess's website hosts her blog, filled with technical posts and posts on system administration in general. She's also active in the Reddit sysadmin community and can be found in numerous technical IRC and Slack channels. Chances are if you've run into "girlgerms" online, you've spoken to Jess. Having spoken at Ignite Australia in 2015, she was bitten by the public-speaking bug and has spoken again at both Ignite New Zealand and Ignite Australia for 2016 & 2017.

In her downtime, Jess spends far too many hours playing video games, playing with Lego (it's not just for kids!) and binge watching Marvel films. Jess is based in Brisbane, Australia with her husband (a *nix admin), new baby girl (also known as Lil' GirlGerms), two cats, a flock of chickens and a hive of bees.

Specialities: Windows Server Operating Systems, Active Directory, Group Policy, File and Print services, OS Lifecycle management, information & account security