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Allen Underwood

United States
Software Architect / Engineer Passionate About Learning and Teaching a Variety of Technologies / Co-Host of Coding Blocks podcast


I am a husband to an incredible woman who inspires and encourages me to achieve all that I can personally and professionally.  I'm also the father of three beautiful children that are amazing and require a decent chunk of my time! Between family and work is where my passion of sharing with others begin..
I started writing my first programs as a child when my uncle gave me a handheld TRS-80 that was useless without some code.  Since that time I've been all over the place.  Programmed in Lotus Script, C++, ColdFusion, ASP, VB, Java, C#, etc.  I have a passion for creating software people enjoy using, whether that be related to the UI or for making processes work magic behind the scenes.  I'm a fan of pragmatism over perfect code when the shoe fits.  I love learning new technologies and teaching them and helping others as I go.  I'm one of the three co-creators/co-hosts of the Coding Blocks podcast where we strive to help educate and entertain software developers and reignite the passion some developers lose over their years of experience.  I'm typically smiling and love to see others succeed.

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