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Thomas Tomow

Orsingen-Nenzingen, .
I am a cloud architect with focus on IoT solutions. Mainly I am working in enterprise scenarios, where I can drive my experiences and knowledges. I like playing with all the new cool and upcoming things in Azure.


As a junior developer, I started in 1999 as an employee at Thomson Multimedia (consumer electronics). There I wrote my first ASP website, while before I liked to develop with Microsoft's Visual C++. From now on I also used .NetFramework and all the other cool stuff from the Microsoft portfolio like VisualStudio and SharePoint. At Thomson, I worked as a developer with a close relationship to hardware, which I loved. 
After some years of experience, I finished my studies with a diploma in information technologies and started my way as a consultant in different IT consulting companies. 
At least I was hired by Alegri (a company in Stuttgart, Germany) in 2010 as a senior consultant in SharePoint. From then on I expanded my knowledge and experience in the Microsoft product portfolio. The access to VisualStudio Ultimate, .NetFramework, ASP.Net,... and such things helped me to gain a broader understanding of technologies.
Then, when the Cloud first "appeared", I was excited about the new possibilities. So I started to get involved with Azure. With the emerging hype around IoT and the strong maker scene, I found the loop that could take me back to my roots - with code that affected my physical world. Now I work as CTO for Xpirit Germany. Here I can still dedicate myself to my joy of coding and experimenting. In addition, I am responsible for topics arrounf AI, IoT and much more in Azure Cloud internal but of course mainly for our customers.
And this is what is close to my heart: Using technology to dominate the world around us.

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