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Mark Allan

United Kingdom
Freelance consultant - cloud developer and solution architect. Azure MVP. Learnt from 35 odd years of mistakes.


I started programming with BASIC on an ICL 1900-series mainframe in 1976 or thereabouts and was first paid for my efforts in 1980. Since then I've written stuff in Forth, Pascal, Modula 2, COBOL, Fortran, PL/M, Java, JavaScript, SQL, C++, PHP, VB, C#, F#, four flavours of assembly language and probably a couple of other languages that have slipped my mind.

During that time I've worked in just about every corner of development - mainframes to mobiles, assembly language to functional programming, Access to NoSQL, desktop to cloud, device drivers to websites. And I'm still learning.

I might reasonably be said to be a generalist.

NB. I'm in the "North Coast of Ireland" bit of the United Kingdom!

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