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Mijeong Jeon

· Microsoft AI MVP · iOS Developer at IDEAMP(CTO) · Creator of Youtube KindAI( · Keras Korea User Group Organizer


I have been a MVP in the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence) since late 2018. 
Although I have held this title for a number of years, I have a different background from many other computer programmers. I majored in nano science technology and went on to research the use of quantum dots for cancer therapeutics. Although I enjoyed this research, my passions changed after a travel experience that opened my eyes to the ways in which software can help people all over the world. After seeing this, I became more interested in programming, especially after meeting so many different people and expanding my perspective beyond the lab. I eventually realized that I was more passionate about making software that could be directly used rather than lab research. Specifically, I discovered a love for mobile application development and implementing apps that people can use to make their lives easier. 

My interest in AI, similar to my interest in app development, stems from its potential for improving the everyday lives of people everywhere. I try to find the intersection of AI and mobile applications and share the stories of how this technology can affect our lives with my community members.

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