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Jamie Maguire

United Kingdom
Jamie Maguire is a Senior Developer, STEM Ambassador and Microsoft MVP in AI with 20 years of software development experience that goes back to the very first version of the .NET framework.


Jamie started coding on the Spectrum, moved onto the C64, Amiga and eventually the PC. He’s old enough to have been involved on in the BBS scene where he was a FidoNet node – way before the world wide web took hold!

A research project in 2013 sparked an interest in AI, text analytics, and machine learning which saw Jamie build APIs that could ingest data from social media APIs such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

These used machine learning to identify sales and accompanying analytics in near real-time to help digital marketers target the right person, at the right time, with the right message.  

This work caught the attention of Twitter which saw Jamie being invited to Twitter HQ who then went onto grant him access to internal APIs that gave him further insights to users of the Twitter platform.

In 2016, Jamie was exploring Azure Cognitive Services and started to write about projects on his personal blog and share his ideas which resulted in him being asked to deliver workshops, webinars, and training sessions globally.  

His passion for technology, sharing his ideas and knowledge resulted in Jamie being awarded the MVP in Artificial Intelligence by Microsoft in 2019.

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