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Adam Wisniewski

United States
Specialist in Human Computer Interaction, User Experience Design and Development with a focus on holographic technology, mixed and augmented reality, computer vision and conversational interfaces.


Adam serves as CEO of EX3 Labs, an experience design and digital innovation studio that helps some of the world's largest organizations deliver impactful experiences to their customers and workforce. In his 17+ years in the IT space, Adam has helped over a dozen large enterprises design, prototype and develop innovative and user-centric digital solutions.

- 17+ year in software development
- Led major technology initiatives in the financial services sector, healthcare, manufacturing and government including the City of Chicago
- Designed and developed over 30 Microsoft HoloLens applications
- Launched the Immersive Learning Lab Mission in 2017, where he committed to donating a percentage of EX3 Labs’ revenue to bring immersive learning content and virtual and augmented reality devices to Public Schools
- Founder of the Chicago HoloLens Meetup Group

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