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James Randall

United Kingdom
Chief Technology Officer | OSS Contributor | Blogger | Speaker


I've been developing software and writing code since my parents first brought home an 8-bit BBC Micro back in 1983. I was 7 then and I've never stopped since.

I've been fortunate enough to work on all kinds of solutions from writing 68000 and C code for custom hardware, through scripting engines, graphics engines (before they got crazy!), web stuff, mobile stuff, cloud stuff, low budget and high scale.

On that journey I've worked with all sorts of languages and runtimes but for the last 15 years have mostly been involved in the Microsoft space with .NET and Azure being a particular focus. I was fortunate to get involved with both very early on.

More recently I find myself working as a CTO and while I might not be cranking out code in the day I'm still heavily involved with Azure and spending a lot of time working on C# and F# open source and mixing in more speaking.

I love to spend time talking with enthusiastic techies.

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