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Cloud and Datacenter Management
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Turkish, English

Emre Ozan Memiş

Cloud and Datacenter Management


I have been working in the IT sector since 2005. I took note of my knowledge and experience. When appropriate, I voluntarily shared these notes with the people around me. I was happy to see people solve their problems with my notes and skills. Last year, I published many articles and videos about the Windows Server operating system and PowerShell on technet community, mshowto pages and social media. Thanks to these publications, I received much positive feedback. People thanked them and solved their problems. It feels good. I started creating content on different community pages to provide access to more people. I began to reach hundreds of people I tried to help with questions and problems that I started to share with people around me. I should have done the right thing because they were polite enough to nominate me for this award. Being an MVP candidate was much fun and a step in motivation. Being an MVP is a starting point for reaching more people, learning more, and producing better quality content.