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Debby van der Mije

( Debby van der Mije )

Amsterdam, NH


Debby van der Mije is co-owner of KbWorks. A company which is specialized in Microsoft Teams and Office 365. She is responsible for vision and strategy, building a team and overseeing the daily activities and customer experience at KbWorks.
Before KbWorks she worked as an ICU nurse for 10 years. During that time, being confronted with life and death on a daily basis, she realized that life is too short to waste time and energy on things that are not important to you. From that moment she became determined to have a positive impact on people’s lives.
Debby's vision for life and for business is "spend time on the things that are important to you".
A lot of our daily work and teamwork can be replaced by something that is easier, faster and more enjoyable and that's where Microsoft products come in. Microsoft products are an amazing tool that accomplish that.
Debby has a strong desire to inspire and help people to understand the value of working with these products and to show people how much time they can save by using them.

As an MVP she is committed to helping people who use Microsoft products. To this end she gives presentations, write social media posts and articles and creates a lot of videos about Microsoft Teams and Office 365.
Debby understand it's all about the people… the technology is there to support you.

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