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Gianni Castaldi

NinjaCat | Researching and engineering cyber security | KQL aficionado | Microsoft Threat Protection


I’m Gianni Castaldi and I’m from 1986 and got my first computer back in 1998 and I did a lot of reverse engineering, I broke the system and then had to restore it. I started in IT back in 2008. Like many of us, I started as a service desk engineer, then did some support- and system engineer jobs. One of the most fun projects I did in the IT part was in a manufacturing environment where we did the migration of XP to Windows 7 and Server 2003/2008 to 2012.

Since 2017 I work in IT Security, where I spend most of my time securing companies with the Microsoft Security Stack, Palo Alto Networks, and Tenable products. I’ve also secured several ICS/SCADA related environments, and I have done several vulnerability assessments with the usual suspects like Burp and Kali.

Nowadays I am a freelance Detection Engineer and Security Consultant at KustoWorks

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