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English, Spanish, Japanese
Power BI Data Analyst Associate, Dynamics 365 Fundamentals

Bernat Agulló Roselló

Barcelona, Catalonia
Partner and Senior BI Developer at ESBRINA


My whole career has been in consulting, and throughout this process I've become better and better at the process of landing in a new environment, learning what the issue is, and asking the key questions before suggesting any particular action or starting to think in a working solution.

In my first years, Excel was the only tool allowed, so I grew with it. By the end I had code management tool and a dynamic range naming system that made VBA coding much faster and robust. Later was Excel and SQL server and again developed a tool that has help me greatly throughtout the years. From there I went into SSIS, Datafactory, and well, Power BI among others, always in direct contact with the business side. I believe I can find my way in pretty much any technology in a reasonable amout of time, but right now it is in Power BI were I enjoy it most. 

Even outside Power BI, I enjoy the process of optimizing code and devising the most efficient way to organize logic, for myselft and for those that will come after me. It is no surprise then that I soon fell in love with first Calculation Groups and then Tabular Editor C# Scripts. Lucky for me, these are not overcrowded areas of the community so my contributions have received its share of attention. 

Participating in the comunity has brought me joy during the pandemic and I'm happy to continue now leveraging my language skills, doing presentations in English, Spanish and Japanese. Just dived in the MVP community and I still have much to learn from my peers and the sheer amount of materials that just became available to me.

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