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Aneesh Gopalakrishnan

United States
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I am building software for 18 years for computers, browsers and machines using dotnet. It has been a long journey from that first version to now. On the way found time to help organizations in healthcare, insurance, fintech, technology, and govt to build and scale using dotnet. Though my primary focus is on dotnet, I like to be in the edge when it comes to technology. Sort of mixes dotnet with different cocktails such as react, angular and even react-native. I consider myself to be platform, framework and language agnostic, having seen and written in several(many are even dead now. Lol!).

I consider myself to be a lightweight MVP, having seen the credentials of some of the folks in the club (Whoa!).

Primary skills and Tools - reactjs, react-native, .net,, and azure, redux, recoil, react-query and whatever I read and add to the mix.

📙 Building – angular pdf viewer - (2 million+ downloads 🚀)

📱 Building – Parking App for NYC “Alternate Side Parking Rules” (Used by 50K+ New Yorkers). Built in Xamarin.

📢 Speaking - Speaker at "What they didn't teach you about programming series". Organizer and host of several Tech talks/Events in New York City and online. Keynote speaker (on .net and react) to various universities across the globe.

🏫 Mentoring - Helping non-profit coding academy cohorts (Based in New York City) to land jobs.

🙌 Volunteering - Worked with non-profits such as Code for America Brigade, Code for Jersey City and, Open JC in helping cities to analyze and visualize bad data.

🧑💻 OSS – Member, and contributor of Open-source foundations such as .net foundation. Part of education, membership, outreach committees, and virtual user group subcommittee.

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