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Kathleen Dollard
United States
I consult, write, speak, and train on a variety of .NET topics. You can catch me at the DevConnections conferences, and user groups around the country as I travel as an INETA speaker. I've spoken in about 40 US states, 3 Candian provinces, and 3 European countries.

I make my living facilitating .NET teams. That often means coaching – improving the productivity of teams and individuals and teams without disrupting current projects. Meeting the goals of an organization sometimes involves other aspects of consulting, including architecture, review, and training. 

We have the privilege to use amazing technology. Currently I’m most excited about composition – including MEF and WebAPI. I also work with MVC, especially the extensibility model. I’ve been doing code generation since nearly the beginning of .NET, wrote “Code Generation in Microsoft .NET” (which is now out of date), and still work with T4 (although I wish we had a better harness). 

I’ve been an MVP since 1998 and it’s an honor to represent the community to Microsoft teams. Some listen better than others and I keep hoping that other teams notice the correlation between active community involvement and tool/library/technique success. Unfortunately feedback often means complaining and being an all-round pain, but I think making Microsoft products better is one of the most important roles of an MVP and I try to be polite about it.
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