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John Barnett

United Kingdom


One of the original Associate Experts, I became an MVP in 2002. Until the beta of Windows XP I had always shied away from the newsgroups; not that I didn’t think I could contribute, but simply because I didn’t have the time. However, it wasn’t until the Windows XP Trial Newsgroup got under way (I am currently one of the newsgroup managers) that I decided it was about time I gave other people the benefit of my experience. Fortunately, I have enjoyed every minute of it and I contribute to the Window XP Trial, Windows Expertzone, Windows Vista newsgroups, and Technet forums as often as I can. You can usually find me in the General/Basic/New user/Customising/Performance of the Windows Expertzone and General/Installation/Mail/Performance/Security of the Vista newsgroups. Further details about me are also available on my websites:

Due to ill health I am now retired. Hobbies include Computers, Reading, Classical music and passing on the knowledge I have gained from testing and reviewing software to anyone who is crazy enough to listen.

In 2005 I authored, along with Curt Simmons, Alan Simpson and David Dalan, a new addition to the Windows XP library entitled "Windows XP MVP"