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Chris Roth


Back in 1992, fresh from the University of Washington, Chris tossed his Mechanical Engineering degree in the trash and went to work for the then start-up Visio Corporation, taking the gamble that SmartShapes and programming would be more exciting than enthalpy, "head-loss", and F=ma.

Being visually oriented, good with computers and math, and a hater of words in general, the fit was natural. Chris was one of the original SmartShape developers, where he spent four years creating thousands of SmartShapes, hundreds of stencils and templates, and tens of automation add-ons. 

Thereafter, he threw off the shackles imposed by Bug Database to join Visio's Technical Evangelism Corp. Where he spread the "Visio is a development platform" Word at seminars, trade shows, and conferences. Creating demos (no error checking!), writing technical articles, and organizing the Visio Developer's Conference were also among his duties. 

Chris currently lives in Munich, Germany where he is currently publishing the Visio Guy blog ( and doing odd programming and consulting jobs, many of which involve Visio!

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