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Rick Rothstein

( Frederick Rothstein )

United States


I graduated college as a Math Major and then ended up working for some 32+ years as a Civil Engineer (Road Design) for the New Jersey Department of Transportation. I originally started programming in BASIC on a Texas Instruments TI-99/4 as a hobby. Eventually I formed a company (FFF Software) with two other gentleman and we sold a couple of TI-BASIC programs commercially for a couple of years. I also sold several articles on programming the TI-99/4 to COMPUTE! Magazine. Once TI went out of the home computer market, I purchased a Radio Shack Model 100 (first truly portable computer) and programmed on it (again, as a hobby) for a couple of years. Again, I sold several articles to a couple of magazines that covered this particular computer. Before buying my first IBM compatible PC, I owned a Commodore 128 and Atari 520. Once I discovered Visual Basic, I was completely hooked. I continued writing articles on and off across the years, but now exclusively for Visual Basic; and, of course, I used Visual Basic in my workplace to make my job, and the job of my co-workers, easier. About a year or so before I retired, I decided to start helping others with their programming needs by volunteering to answer questions on various Visual Basic newsgroups. In 2007 or so, I branched out and began answering questions on Excel newsgroups as well. I have been retired for a quite a few years now but my Excel online forum volunteer efforts are still continuing to this very day.

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